LES Japan organizes monthly seminars: 11 in Tokyo and 10 in Osaka annually. For more information, please contact here.
The working language is generally Japanese. When we have non-Japanese speaking lecturers, consecutive interepretation is normally available.
For all LES members including non-Japanese members, the fee is 5,000 yen.

Past Monthly Seminers

Date Venue Title
2022.AprilTokyoAIPLA- LES Japan Joint meeting
2022.AprilOsakaActivities of WIPO GREEN
2022.MarchOsakaBio-venture patent strategy and licensing strategy
2022.MarchTokyoNew Design Act and Trademarks / Desirable Lateral Practices
2022.FebruaryOsakaBig Data and Act on the Protection of Personal Information
2022.FebruaryTokyoSummary of the Guidance for Governance of Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset and required actions for companies and investors
2022.JanuaryTokyoPoints to Consider in Open Innovation with Startups: Based on the Importance of Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups
2022.JanuaryOsakaFor improving the value of intellectual property and intangible asset
~focusing on IP landscape activities in the Asahi KASEI Group~
2021.DecemberOsakaRecent Topics of Chinese Intellectual Property
-Changes in the IP environment due to law revisions / Impact on court cases and practice-
2021.DecemberTokyoChinese Anti-Trust Law, Guide Lines and Case Laws concerning Intellectual Property Rights’ Abuse
2021.NovemberOsakaThe Reality and Back Side of Industry-Academia Collaboration
2021.NovemberTokyoIP Strategy of Bridgestone Corporation
2021.OctoberOsakaPatent infringement lawsuit as seen from Japanese patent attorney
2021.OctoberTokyoJapanese Companies and the Expansion of Chinese and US Export Controls
2021.SeptemberTokyoPlanning IP Due Diligence for M&A
2021.SeptemberOsakaThe Latest Precedents of the US Courts for IP Licenses and their Effects on Business
2021.AugustTokyoNegotiation Practice Workshop of Business School
Version 2.0(Patent license negotiation)
2021.JuneOsakaA way of the compliance system for the protection of trade secrets
2021.JuneTokyoTrends in Intellectual Property Strategy and Open Innovation Strategy in Management
2021.MayOsakaResolution of International Contract Disputes
2021.MayTokyoRecent important court judgments regarding IP in Japan
2021.AprilTokyoAIPLA- LES Japan Joint Virtual Meeting
2021.AprilOsakaLegal Issues on Standard-Essential Patent (SEP) - nuts and bolts
2021.MarchTokyoIP Activity of Spiber Inc.– Expanding the range of sustainable materials –
2021.MarchOsakaTrade Secrets: Issues and Protective Measures
2021.FebruaryTokyoOJI’s innovation activities
2021.FebruaryOsakaAstamuse's Technology / patent evaluation method for corporate growth/investment strategy in the VUCA era
2021.JanuaryOsakaNegotiations for License Agreement in COVID-19 Era
2021.JanuaryTokyoLatest development of Intellectual Property in the U.S. and recent important case decisions
2020.DecemberTokyoOMRON's IP activities in the IoT industry
2020.DecemberOsakaAttention Points of Contract for Data Utilization without Failure
- Points of Contractual Scheme in Data Business -
2020.DecemberTokyoLegal Tech to Change the Future
- Contract-Related Tasks in the New Normal Era -
2020.NovemberOsakaRecent business-academia collaboration and open innovation
~Recent trends such as review of investment regulations of national universities and current and future considerations for license agreement between academia and company~
2020.NovemberTokyoIntellectual Property Strategy of Yokogawa Electric Corporation
~IP function for Realizing Marketing function~
2020.OctoberOsakaAttention Points of International Cooperative Research and Development Agreement and Negotiation - Examples of Companies and Universities in the United States -
2020.OctoberOsaka" Intellectual Property Strategy of CANON Inc. "
~ Intellectual property management for business development looking ahead of the times ~
2020.OctoberTokyoRoadmap and IP under New Era of Space Business
2020.SeptemberTokyoThe effects of amendment of the Civil Act to Intellectual Property Rights
2020.AugustTokyoNegotiation Practice Workshop of Business School
2020.JulyTokyoPractical tips for introducing e-sign system
2020.JulyOsakaIntellectual Property Rights Considered from Antitrust Law
2020.MarchOsakaMeasures to Protect Trade Secret and Practice in Intellectual Property Compliance
~how to manage information assets to reduce the risk of trade secret leakage~
2020.MarchTokyoImpacts of the Amendment of the CIvil Code in Japan to Contract and Disputes relating Intellectual Property
2020.FebruaryOsakaIntellectual Property Rights Considered from Antitrust Law
2020.FebruaryTokyoOMRON's IP activities in the IoT industry
2020.JanuaryTokyoDesign-Driven Management in practice
2020.JanuaryOsaka"Just before implementation! Practice of reviewing contracts based on revised Civil Code and new revenue recognition standards"
-Including accounting standards to be aware of when reviewing license agreements-
2019.DecemberOsakaLatest IP Trends in China and Business Practice as Expatriate
2019.DecemberTokyoIntellectual property rights and antitrust law
-Problems in joint R & D, open innovation and manufacturing consignment-

Commentary and case study of FTC fact-finding report on “abuse of superior position for intellectual property rights”
2019.NovemberOsakaKey points for revisions of Patent Law and Design Law