Issue #77, August 2023

Issue #77, August 2023
AIPLA-LES Japan Joint meeting 2023:

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By Tomoko NOGUCHI *

LES Japan hosted its 16th AIPLA-LES Japan Joint in-person meeting on Apr 17, as a part of an an-nual event of “WIPO IP day” which was held on Apr 26. The 1st meeting was held back in 2005 and was continued annually thereafter until 2019. It was cancelled only in 2020 due to COVID 19 and there were online meetings held in both 2021 and 2022.

The 16th meeting in 2023 was moderated by Mr. Neil Henderson of the AIPLA IPPJ Steering Com-mittee, and Ms. Tomoko Noguchi, a board member of LES Japan. Following opening remarks by Mr. Patrik Coyne, AIPLA Immediate Past President, Mr. Ichiro Nakatomi, President of LES International, and Mr. Kenichi Nagasawa, President of LES Japan, presenters from AIPLA and LES Japan gave presentations on the hottest topics in intellectual property rights:

  1. “Assignor Estoppel: Update on Developments”
    presented by Mr. Alan KASPER, AIPLA Past President
  2. “Amicus brief toward IPR high court [Dwango v FC2] case By ICT Business WG of LES Japan”
    presented by Mr. Fumihiko Moriya, leader of ICT Business WG
  3. “Patent Exhaustion: The US Approach”
    presented by Mr. John MULCAHY, AIPLA IPPJ Committee
  4. “Introduction of planned amendments to the Unfair Competition Act”
    presented by Ms. Shizu Machino, member of monthly seminar committee
Ms.Shizu Machino
Mr.Fumihiko Moriya

An active Q&A discussion followed the presentations for each topic, and the meeting was successfully ended after closing remarks from Mr. Todd Baker, AIPLA Board of Directors, and Mr. Hiroki Saito, Im-mediate Past President of LES Japan.

At the reception held after the meeting, most of the participants gathered and promised to see each other again next year in Tokyo. After the reception, Ms. Junko Sugimura, LESI Vice President, partici-pated in the “Woman in IP” meeting organized by JPAA with AIPLA Presidents and AIPLA Japan Committee members. She gave a brief presentation about LESI WILA activity since the theme of WIPO IP day 2023 was “Woman and IP”.

* Director, Licensing, Nokia Solutions and Networks Japan G.K.

2023 LES Japan Annual Conference

By Yasuo FUJII, Ph.D.*

LES Japan held its Annual Conference on July 14th and 15th, 2023 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pre-fecture. The Conference was fully in-person having more than 200 participants and was a great success!


Before the Conference started, in the morning on July 14th, two excursions were held in parallel.
The Golf Competition was held at KATSURAGI Golf Club, one of the most famous golf clubs in Ja-pan, where the Yamaha Ladies Open KATSURAGI is held. The participants battled the difficult course, along with the blazing temperatures, but a good time was had by all.
A tour in Hamamatsu City was also held. The participants enjoyed visiting (1) a wind instruments factory of Yamaha Corporation and (2) an UNAGI (meaning "eel" in Japanese) pie factory producing eel-shaped sweets. They also enjoyed "real" eel for lunch.

Participants at KATSURAGI Golf Club
Participants at YAMAHA factory

Opening Ceremony

The Conference under the theme of "Endeavoring to Promote Diversity and Harmonious Collabora-tion" started with opening remarks by Mr. Akihiro SAKO, the Chair of organizing committee. Then Mr. Kenichi NAGASAWA, President of LES Japan, declared the Conference open. In addition, we had the heartfelt video message by Mr. Michael LASINSKI, President of LES International and the greeting by Mr. Yusuke NAKAO, Mayor of Hamamatsu City.

Mr. Akihiro SAKO,
the Chair of organizing committee
Mr. Kenichi NAGASAWA,
President of LES Japan
Video message by Mr. Michael LASINSKI,
President of LES International

Keynote Speech 1

Mr. Tadashi MARUNO, Representative Director and President, Chief Executive Officer, HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS K.K., delivered the Keynote Speech introducing his company's history for enhancing corporate value through the creation of new photonics industries and social contributions. The participants were impressed by the company's unique corporate culture of constantly challenging the unknown and the unexplored, rather than prioritizing profits.

Keynote Speech 2

Dr. Mari MAEDA-YAMAMOTO, Executive Scientist of the Institute of Food Research, National Agri-culture and Food Research Organization, delivered another Keynote speech introducing her research re-sults about what kind of food we should take in order to maintain our health. The participants learned to select foods based on scientific evidence.

Mr. Tadashi MARUNO


After the thought-provoking Keynote Speeches, the Banquet started with an opening address by our President Mr. Kenichi NAGASAWA, a congratulatory speech by Mr. Tsutomu IDENO, Vice-Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, followed by a toast to a drink by Dr. Ichiro NAKATOMI, President of LES Interna-tional.
Participants enjoyed stimulating conversations with a dinner course. They also enjoyed a perfor-mance by a local Jazz band named K's Jazz Quartet playing very comfortable Jazz.

K's Jazz Quartet
Dr. Ichiro NAKATOMI,
Former President of LES International
Ms. Chikako HASHIMOTO,
President-Elect of LES Japan


Following the closing remarks of the Banquet by Ms. Chikako HASHIMOTO, President-Elect of LES Japan, the After-Party was held until late in the night, where members further enjoyed friendly face-to-face communication in a casual atmosphere.

After party

Concurrent Workshops

The second day of the Conference started in the morning on July 15th with the concurrent three Work-shops on: (1) "Latest issues in the U.S. and Europe" co-organized by the U.S. Issues Working Group (WG) and the Europe Issues WG; (2) "Problems and solutions related to money for joint research toward com-mercialization of academia seeds through industry-government-academia collaboration" co-organized by the Leverage a collaboration among Industry-Government-Academia WG and the Healthcare WG; and (3) "Corporate branding expected by revised Corporate Governance Code and method of dialogue with In-vestors" co-organized by the IP Finance WG and Branding WG.


Panel Discussion

Following the Workshop Sessions, the Panel Discussion was held under the theme of "Diversity of in-tellectual property-related business activities", with three panelists: Mr. Hiromitsu TAKAOKA (General Manager, Intellectual Property Dept., Lion Corporation); Ms. Sakae NAKAMURA (Senior Fellow of IP Intelligence Dept., Asahi Kasei Corporation); and Ms. Yuki YATO (General Manager, Innovation Intelli-gence Dept., Sony Intellectual Property Services Corporation), and a moderator, Ms. Mami HINO (Partner, Abe Ikubo & Katayama, Patent Attorney in JP and admitted to the bar in NY), where several issues, in-cluding how IP departments should adapt and contribute to diversifying intellectual property activities, were discussed.

Panel discussion

Closing Ceremony

In the closing ceremony of the Conference, the next year's LES Japan Annual Conference was intro-duced by Ms. Rumi ICHIKAWA, the Chair-elect of organizing committee. Finally the Conference was closed with remarks by Mr. Yoshiyuki IWAI, Honorary Advisor of LES Japan and past Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office, celebrating the success of the Conference and encouraging the members to open up the developing future with IP.

Mr. Yoshiyuki IWAI,
Honorary Advisor of LES Japan
Venue for 2024 LES Japan Annual Conference

Editor / Patent Attorney, Haruka Patent & Trademark Attorneys

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