Vol.62 No.4 December, 2021

Journal of the Licensing Executives Society JAPAN

A table of contents

  1. Column「An atmosphere of LESJ」Chikashi TAMURA


  1. ① Connected Cars and SEP Litigations - Revelation from the ConflictToshifumi FUTAMATA
  2. ② Amendment to the Copyright Act [Act No. 52 of June 2, 2021]Copyright Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
  3. ③ The entertainment industry in the COVID-19 pandemicHarue SHIROTA

2.Recent U.S. Supreme Court's Decision

  1. Overview of the patent decisions by the U. S. Supreme Court (6)Jinzo FUJINO

3.Activity reports of each working group & Study Group

  1. ① US Issues Working Group・US Issues Working Group(Osaka)Yorikatsu HOHOKABE
  2. ② Asian Issues Studies Working GroupMotohiro UNO
  3. ③ Case Law Studies Working Group (Tokyo)Tadayuki KIKUMA
  4. ④ Trade Secret Working GroupShoji IINO
  5. ⑤ Business Law and Intellectual Property Management Working GroupBunpei OOIKE
  6. ⑥ Branding Working GroupShizu MACHINO
  7. ⑦ Venture and Startup Working GroupYasuyuki KUROSE
  8. ⑧ YMC Working GroupTakeshi IIZUKA
  9. ⑨ General Study Working Group (Tokyo)Miki GOTO

4.New MembersSecretariat

5.Member's plaza

  1. ① Essay on self-written Chinese poemJinzo FUJINO
  2. ② Munich Stay Life Miscellany No.22Yuko MATSUYA
  3. ③ American life essays No.38Suzue FUJIMORI
  4. ④ Legal Column No.35Kizo SHIMOKAWA
  5. ⑤ A Oldman follows "Narrow Road to the Deep North" by Matsuo BashoKanji KUDO
  6. ⑥ What forms Russia and Russian? No.17Kie MATSUSHIMA
  7. ⑦ Notes on Chinese Affairs No.14Seiji NISHIUCHI
  8. ⑧ Letter from Paris No.14Atsuya TAKESHITA
  9. ⑨ Thailand・Connect No.2Suriyong Tungsuwan
    Varutt Kittichungchit
  10. ⑩ New book introductionSatoshi OHTSUKI

6.Editor's notePublic Relations Committee