Vol.63 No.4 December, 2022

Journal of the Licensing Executives Society JAPAN

A table of contents

  1. Column「”KenKen Roku” for IP negotiations」Hideyuki OGATA


  1. ① Network Rerated Patents and Cross Border Infringement
    -- Commentary on Nico-nico Comment Patent Cases --
    Hiroki SAITO
  2. ② Damages Calculation in Patent Litigation in ChinaTaeko MOTOHASHI
  3. ③ The UPC system in EuropeChristoph Schön
  4. ④ Future of Gene therapy and Cell therapy
    ~Challenge of bio venture, iPS cell-derived allogeneic immune cell therapy~
    Masunori KAJIKAWA
  5. ⑤ Latest Developments in the SEP Landscape – Is FRAND more than just Willingness?Dr. Ralph Nack
    Dr. Niclas Gajeck
    Roman Scheibe
    Summary:Toshifumi FUTAMATA

2.Recent U.S. Supreme Court's Decision

  1. Markman v. Westview Instrument Inc., 517 U. S. 370 (1996)Jinzo FUJINO

3.Monthly Seminar Reports

  1. (1) Monthly Seminar Committee (Tokyo) in September, 2022Takeshi KANDA
  2.  Monthly Seminar Committee (Tokyo) in October, 2022Kazuyuki KATAYAMA
  3. (2) Monthly Seminar Committee (Osaka) in September, 2022Bunpei OOIKE
  4.  Monthly Seminar Committee (Osaka) in October, 2022Tomomi FUJITA

4.Activity reports of each Working Group & Study Group

  1. ① US Issues Working Group・US Issues Working Group(Osaka)Yorikatsu HOHOKABE
  2. ② Asian Issues Studies Working GroupMotohiro UNO
  3. ③ Case Law Studies Working Group (Tokyo)Tadayuki KIKUMA
  4. ④ Trade Secret Working GroupShoji IINO
  5. ⑤ Business Law and Intellectual Property Management Working GroupBunpei OOIKE
  6. ⑥ Healthcare Working GroupYoshihiko SATO
  7. ⑦ ICT Business Working GroupFumihiko MORIYA
  8. ⑧ Branding Working GroupKoji SAITO
    Shizu MACHINO
  9. ⑨ Intellectual Property Finance Working GroupShigeharu YOSHII
  10. ⑩ YMC Working GroupTakeshi IIZUKA
  11. ⑪ European Issues Working GroupKouichiro YAMASHITA
  12. ⑫ General Study Working Group (Tokyo)Miki GOTO
    Hiroyuki KOGURE

5.New MembersSecretariat

6.Member's plaza

  1. ① Essay on self-written Chinese poemJinzo FUJINO
  2. ② Munich Stay Life Miscellany No.25Yuko MATSUYA
  3. ③ American life essays No.42Suzue FUJIMORI
  4. ④ Legal Column No.38Kizo SHIMOKAWA
  5. ⑤ My travels to the site of castles scattered across Japan(2)Kanji KUDO
  6. ⑥ What forms Russia and Russian? No.21Kie MATSUSHIMA
  7. ⑦ Notes on Chinese Affairs No.18Seiji NISHIUCHI
  8. ⑧ Letter from Paris No.18Atsuya TAKESHITA
  9. ⑨ Thailand・Connect No.6Baker & McKenzie law firm in Bangkok
  10. ⑩ New book introductionTakao YAGI

7.Editor's notePublic Relations Committee