Vol,57 No,3 June, 2016

Journal of the Licensing Executives Society JAPAN

A table of contents

Remembrance of Mr. Yuki Ojima, Vice President of LES Japan

  1. (1)「Remembrance of Mr. Ojima, Vice President of LES Japan」Jyunko SUGIMURA
  2. (2)「In Memory of Mr. Yuki Ojima」Chikako HASHIMOTO
  3. (3)「Memories of Yuki Ojima Never Fade Away」Tomoko NOGUCHI
  1. Colum 「Inappropriate co-author(s)」Kazuaki OKIMOTO

1.Annual Meeting Report

  1. (1)Report of LES JAPAN 39th annual meeting (Mathuyama)Eiichirou KUBOTA
  2. (2)Annual Conference Program
  3. (3)Summary of the lectures
  1. Theme:「Creation of a new value」
  2. (I)Keynote SpeechTadashi AIHARA
  1. Title:Success Factors of Imabari Towel Branding
  2. Speaker:Mr. Kazuma YAMAMOTO (General Manager of Small Business Promotion Division, Imabari Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  1. (II)Guest Speech(1)Kazuhiro KOBAYASHI
  1. Title:Ehime Prefecture's Project for Creation of Carbon Fiber Related Industries  - Formation of a Hub for Carbon Fiber Processing by Industries - Government - Academia Cooperation
  2. Speaker:Mr. Tomitake HIGUCHI (Small Business Associations Coordinator of the Ehime Prefecture. Another Post; Technical Advisor of Ehime Industrial Development Foundation and Coordinator of Ehime Industrial Technology Research institute)
  1. (III) Guest Speech(2)Shigeki TAKEUCHI
  1. Title:Anti-allergic effects of citrus fruit and product development using those effects
  2. Speaker:Dr. Takuya SUGAHARA (Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at Ehime University)
  1. (4) Workshop Reports
  1. Workshop (I)
  2. “Branding WG”Yasuyo YOSHIMIZU
  3. Workshop (II)
  4. “US Issues Working Group”Yorikatsu HOHOKABE
  5. Workshop (III)
  6. “Healthcare Working Group”Hiroki SAITO
  7. Workshop (IV)
  8. “Academia and Industry R&D Collaboration Management Working Group”Mika OKADA
  9. Workshop (Ⅴ)
  10. “Asian Issues Studies Working Group”Motohiro UNO
  1. (5)Panel DiscussionNaoki YOSHIDA
  1. Title:「Corporate Business Strategies and Intellectual Property Activities for Changes in the Business Environment」
  2. Moderator:Makoto OGINO(President-Elect: LES Japan and Professor, Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School of Innovation Studies)
  3. Panelists:Osamu IKEMURA( General Manager, Intellectual Property Department, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
    Takashi SUZUKI(Corporate Officer, General Manager, Intellectual Property Group, HITACHI, Ltd.)
    TetsuyukiWATANABE(General Manager Corporate Legal Affairs Department/Intellectual Property Department, Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.)
  1. (6)The Others
  1. (I)LES friendship golf convention reportEiichirou ARIGA
  2. (II)Excursion report(1)Takurou KOYAMA
  3. Excursion report(2)Yusuke INUI
  4. (III)Questionnaire Results SummaryEiichirou KUBOTA


  1. (1)「Countermeasures againnst Bad-faith trademark filing in Thailand」Suzuko TOYOSAKI
  2. (2)「Patent Strategies to Win in the Era of 80% Gx Share」Yasuko TANAKA

3.Recent U.S. Court Decision

  1. 「Cuozzo Speed Tech. v. Commissioner of USPTO, 579 U.S. _ (2016)」Jinzou FUJINO

4.Activity reports of each working group & Study Group

  1. (1)US Issues Working GroupYorikatsu HOHOKABE
  2. (2)Asian Issues Studies Working GroupMotohiro UNO
  3. (3)Case Law Studies Working Group (Tokyo)Tadayuki KIKUMA
  4. (4)Case Law Studies Working Group (Osaka)Hiroyoshi KITAHARA
  5. (5)Business Law and Intellectual Property Management Working GroupKazuhiro KOBAYASHI
  6. (6)Academia and Industry R&D Collaboration Management Working GroupMika OKADA
  7. (7)Healthcare Working GroupArata TABATA
  8. (8)ICT Business Working GroupTomoko NOGUCHI
  9. (9)IGeneral Study Working Group (Tokyo)Yoshikazu IWASE
  10. (10)Student Business Plan Competition Working GroupTuyoshi DAI
  11. (11)Branding WGChikako HASHIMOTO

5.Monthly Seminar Reports

  1. ・May 2016Yuji OOMAGARI
  1. Subject:Employee Invention Systems for Invention Incentive in Japan, EU, USA and Asia
  2. Speakers:Takuya IIZUKA Esq., Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, Partner
  1. ・June 2016Takeshi KANDA
  1. Subject:Patent Infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents (in consideration of grand panel judgment of the Intellectual Property High Court dated March 25, 2016)
  2. Speakers:Ryoichi MIMURA, Esq., Lawyer, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
  1. ・May 2016Bunpei OOIKE
  1. Subject:Corporate IP Strategy for continuous development in manufacturing company
    -Suntory’s Intellectual Property -Related Activities-
    -The Four Secrets to Revitalizing Small Manufacturing Companies - M_P_D_P exemplified in Neji-saurus GT development -
  2. Speakers:Mr. Kazushi TAKEMOTO, Senior General Manager, Intellectual Property Department, SUNTORY HOLDINGS LIMITED
    Mr. Mitsuhiro TAKASAKI, President, ENGINEER INC
  1. ・June 2016Tomomi FUJITA
  1. Subject:Points of Attention in Drafting Arbitration Clauses
  2. Speakers:Teppei MOGI, Esq., Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners

6.New Members Secretariat

  1. New member’s Self introductionSecretariat

7.Member's plaza

  1. (1)Essay on self-written Chinese poemJinzo Fujino
  2. (2)SENRYU (short humorous poem) as I like No.30Toshihiko KANAYAMA
  3. (3)Munich Stay Life Miscellany No.12Yuko MATSUYA
  4. (4)American life essays No17Suzue FUJIMORI
  5. (5)Legal Colum No14Kizo SHIMOKAW
  6. (6)Journey of my hiking and Village walk-in the great outdoorKanji KUDO
  7. (7)Car life in DenmarkShinji OKAYAMA
  8. (8)New book introductionTakao YAGI

8.Editor's note ・Public Relations Committee