LES Japan Annual Meeting 2024 in Niigata
“Flying - From Tradition to Innovation”


First Day (July 12)

Time Description Venue
"Option 1"
1) TOJIRO Open Factory
2) Lunch (Niigata Wagyu Rump Steak)
3) Sake Brewery Tour (Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery)
"Option 2"
LESJ Golf Competition: SHIUN Golf Club
15:00-15:10 Opening Ceremony TOKI MESSE
Keynote Speech1
Heads-Up Displays and IP Activities in NIPPON SEIKI Nobuaki Kobayashi
Senior Manager
Intellectual Property Dept.
Engineering Headquarters
Nobuaki Kobayashi, Senior Manager, Intellectual Property Dept, Engineering Headquarters, NIPPON SEIKI CO., LTD

Current position since April 2023. Registered as a patent attorney in 2012. Graduated from Niigata University Faculty of Law in 2000 and joined Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. Engaged in domestic and overseas patent applications and research in Intellectual Property Department. Born in 1978 in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.
Keynote Speech2
The world’s first “Sakeology” challenge from Niigata University Dr. Yasuyuki Kishi
Associate Professor of Management and Sociology, and Vice Director of Sakeology Center, Niigata University Japan
Dr. Yasuyuki Kishi is an Associate Professor of Management and Sociology, and a Vice Director of Sakeology Center, Niigata University Japan with research interests in globalization of craft sector. He is a co-founder of Sakeology Center, which is the world’s first comprehensive sake research center. He strives to reveal how traditional sector makes innovation happen based on sociological theories and qualitative approach. He received his Ph.D. from Waseda University in Japan in 2009. He worked as a specially appointed assistant professor at the University of Tokyo before joining his current position. He was also a visiting associate professor at The University of Victoria in Canada from 2022 to 2023.
19:00-21:00 Banquet HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA
21:00-23:00 Friendship Night HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA

Second Day (July 13)

Time Description Venues
WS(1) U.S. Issues WG + European Issues Working Group of LES Japan TOKI MESSE
WS(2) Asian Issues Studies Working Group of LES Japan
WS(3) ICT Business Working Group of LES Japan
WS(4) Healthcare Working Group of LES Japan
WS(5) Intellectual Property Finance Working Group of LES Japan
Panel Discussion
“How to Lead and Organize a Highly Successful Intellectual Property Department”– Works handled by today’s IP department are becoming increasingly broad -- ranging from traditional IP works to new frontiers such as ESG management, IP landscape analysis, intangible assets, CGC reports, and co-creation alliances. Roles and responsibilities of the IP department continue to evolve in the AI Era. Just as companies have histories, IP departments also have histories and trends. IP organizations are designed in accordance with their firm’s core values and strategies. This panel will cover the initiatives taken and challenges faced by the leaders of Japan’s best known IP Departments. Panel members will discuss best practices on how to shape a highly successful IP organization. Moderator:
Mr. Kenichi Nagasawa (Canon Inc., Advisor)

Mr. Yoshihiro Endo (Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / Vice President / Head of Intellectual Property and Legal)

Mr. Hiroyuki Yamauchi (Panasonic IP Management Co., Ltd. General Manager, Licensing Head Office)

Mr. Nobuo Tanaka (Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Marketing Headquarters, Head of Intellectual Property & Design Center)

Mr. Takeshi Kasai (Asahi Kasei Corp., General Manager, Intellectual Property Dept.)
11:45-12:00 Closing Ceremony


1. Registration
For registration, please fill in a registration form linked here and e-mail to les@jiii.or.jp by 5 pm on June 28 (Japan time). As for the registration fee, please find the registration form.

2. Accommodation
For Hotel reservation, please check a box in the registration form referred above.

3. Option1: Tour
The tour bus will depart from HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA at 8:30 a.m. Participants arriving in Niigata on the morning of the day will be picked up by bus at JR Niigata station ground floor south exit square at 9:00 a.m.
Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes for a stroll.

4. Option2: LESJ Golf Competition
Please come to HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA at 5:35 a.m. Breakfast will not be available at HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA. For guests staying at HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA, lunch boxes will be provided by the hotel instead of breakfast. Please change into your golf wear before gathering, because there will not be much time before start of golf.

5. Payment
Please pay the registration fee, optional tour fee, and golf competition fee in Japanese Yen by July 2 pursuant to an invoice to be sent. Please note that payment for accommodation is to be made at HOTEL NIKKO NIIGATA.
For any inquiries about registration and payments, please contact LES Japan Administrative Office(les@jiii.or.jp)

6. Cancellation Policy
In the event of cancellation, please notify LES Japan Administrative Office by e-mail (les@jiii.or.jp) immediately. Registration fee is non-refundable for cancellations made after July 6 (Sat.). The Cancellation Fee will apply based on the date of notification of cancellation received by LES Japan Administrative Office.
In the event of cancellation of accommodations, the golf competition, the optional tour, a cancellation fee may be charged in accordance with each facility's terms and conditions. Please contact the LES Japan Administrative Office (les@jiii.or.jp) for more details.