LES Japan organizes monthly seminars: 11 in Tokyo and 10 in Osaka annually. For more information, please contact here.
The working language is generally Japanese. When we have non-Japanese speaking lecturers, consecutive interepretation is normally available.
For all LES members including non-Japanese members, the fee is 5,000 yen.

Past Monthly Seminers

Date Venue Title
2017.DecemberOsaka"Essential Matters for IP Contract Negotiators regarding Revisions to Civil Code" ~The impact on license agreements and other business practices~
2017.DecemberTokyoThe Forefront of Information Technology -- Regal Challenges and Practical Measures
2017.NovemberOsaka"Licensing practice in China and ASEAN"
- Legal issues and licensing strategies -
2017.NovemberTokyoIntellectual property strategy of Rakuten
2017.OctoberTokyoThe Anti-Monopoly Law and Competition policy for Big Data Era
 ~From the JFTC Report of Study Group on Data and Competition Policy~
2017.OctoberOsakaM & A practical introduction for legal staff / intellectual property staff
-Think about the role that the legal department / intellectual property department should play in M ​​& A-
2017.SeptemberOsakaArtificial intelligence, big data and intellectual property rights
2017.SeptemberOsakaProtection and Utilization of a Trade Secret
- Practicing and strategic protection and utilization for a suit -
2017.AugustTokyoLicensing practice in China and ASEAN
- Legal issues and licensing strategies -

This seminar will provide a detail explanation on attention points and strategic thinking in licensing practices with companies in ASEAN and Chinese companies.
2017.JuneTokyoBrand design practice and intellectual property
2017.MayOsaka"Key points and pitfalls of contracts related to intellectual property" - Knowledge and attention in drafting contracts to avoid deficit -
Lecturer: Ayumu Iijima (Lawyer / Patent Attorney / New York State Attorney / Senior Partner (Representative) of INNOVENTIER L.P.C.)
2017.MayTokyo"Recent important judicial precedents in patent infringement litigations"
Lecturer: Mr. Ryuichi Shitara (Former Director of Intellectual Property High Court)
2017.AprilOsaka"Present state of patent protection in the United States"
- Restriction on patents and Impact on patent troll -
Lecturer: Mr. Taro Isshiki (Representative of Isshiki International Law Office, Registered foreign lawyer)
2017.MarchTokyo"Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Intellectual Property Rights"
Lecturer: Mr. Kensaku Fukui (Lawyer (Japan / New York State) / Visiting Professor, Nihon University)
2016.AprilOsakaRevision of employee invention system and practical response
2016.AprilTokyoRecent intellectual property trends in Japan and the US
2016.MarchOsakaSystem development contract practice in the cloud era
2016.MarchTokyoHow will business change with artificial intelligence
2016.FebruaryOsakaPresent status and future prospects of Japanese intellectual property lawsuit
2016.FebruaryTokyoChina economy and Japan-China economic relations under Xi Jinping regime
2016.JanuaryOsakaRevised Unfair Competition Prevention Act
2016.JanuaryTokyoRecent topics on copyright law - applied art, TPP
2015.DecemberOsakaRisk at the time of tie-breaker and workaround in contract
2015.DecemberTokyoPeptide Rims business strategy
2015.NovemberTokyoLicensing activities of Universal Studios Japan
2015.NovemberOsakaIntellectual property strategy of university
2015.OctoberTokyoProblems associated with digitalization of contents
2015.OctoberOsakaIntellectual property strategy of Daikin Industries
2015.SeptemberOsakaRecommendation of strategic technology diplomacy
2015.SeptemberTokyoLicense negotiation strategy with US high-tech enterprises
2015.SeptemberTokyoThe latest trends in China Antitrust Law and its impact on licensing practice
2015.JulyTokyoStrategy and practices of Corporate license business